The Department of Business Economics carries out research, teaching and third stream activities.

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Research activities are focused on three macro areas: Accounting, Management, Finance. These areas include topics such as business creation, management, administration and auditing of public and private companies, individuals’ activities regulation, businesses and markets, and the use of financial knowledge and methods from financial, business, mathematical and legal sciences. In pursuing these purposes, the department promotes interdisciplinarity as a defining feature of its scientific and educational contribution and develops projects to fully meet national and international quality criteria, combining in-depth theoretical analysis with application. The Department of Business Economics offers training that is strongly integrated with research and provides students with all the necessary tools to facilitate their entry into the labour market, thereby responding to the needs of businesses and public and private institutions at the local, national and international level.

In terms of teaching, the Department of Business Economics aims to satisfy the training needs of students and working professionals, in line with the very best training of national and international universities. The Department offers four courses, one three-year Bachelor’s degree course and three two-year Master’s degree courses, all designed to satisfy the demand for skills for the continuation of academic studies and for the development of professional careers.

Third stream activities include the commercialization of knowledge, including technology transfer, job placement, cultural and social engagement activities, aimed at realizing social commitments and disseminating knowledge. In this context, the department is active in institutional relations with the professional world, and continuously organizes support activities for the introduction of students into work, engaging interested parties in regular events such as job days, and pursuing relations with schools, society in general and major institutions through seminars, round table meetings and national and international conferences, meet-ups and forums.

In summary, the Department of Business Economics aims to enhance the educational offering and research projects by creating close connections and interrelationships between such activities and the contents of courses, with the support and active participation of major players in the pro and institutional world.


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