Academic Offer

lezione in aulaThe mission of the Department of Business Economics is to host a community of scholars who specialise in research activities on themes such as the setting up of businesses; the management, organisation and assessment of public and private companies; regulation of freelancers, companies and markets; and finance, through the application of knowledge and methods related to economic and business sciences, as well as to mathematics and law. In the pursuit of this mission, the department promotes and encourages interdisciplinary studies as one of its fundamental scientific and educational characteristics.

The Department of Business Economics aims to develop research projects which conform to national and international standards by combining theoretical analysis with an understanding of practical implications. Such aims are designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire a research-based education, and help them develop all the instruments necessary for them to gain access to the employment market by responding to the needs of companies and public and private institutions operating locally and in national and international contexts. The general study areas covered by the Department of Business Economics are Accounting, Management and Finance.

The Department recognises that its educational policies should meet the needs of all parties concerned (students, professors, support staff, graduates and prospective employers) and conform to the highest national and international academic standards. The department’s didactic approach is designed to promote professional formation through the close integration of research activities and findings with the subjects taught in its courses.

The courses provided by the Department guarantee that students receive a high standard of professional formation, enabling them to achieve constant progress and aim for the best possible results.

  • Bachelor’s degree courses in Economics and business management
  • Master’s degree courses in Business administration
  • Master’s degree courses in Economics and management
  • Master’s degree courses in Finance and business

Our academic programme is designed to guarantee that students achieve the skills they require in order to prepare them for entry into the employment marketplace. With this in mind the department has set up a support service in collaboration with business representatives to help graduates connect with prospective employers and gain access to professional opportunities.

Director of Department, professor Marco Tutino

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ffanchiotti 18 September 2023