The observatory organizes regular meetings aimed at coordinating work to achieve the set goals. During the meetings, information and news are shared and workshops are organized.

Despite the Covid-19 emergency, work has continued remotely via online meetings.

Workshop 11.2.2020  – Plastica: le parole del 2020

The goal of the workshop was to find new communications strategies and key messages capable of bringing discussions back to a more rational and less demagogic approach.

The output was: a) a brief to be delivered to communication agencies so that they can design products for various stakeholders; and b) a guideline document for the organization of a university conference.

The workshop organized at the Department of Business Economics of Roma Tre University was attended by 30 representatives of companies and associations belonging to production and plastic packaging sectors.

The theme of the day was dealt with interactively, alternating presentations with group exercises and plenary analysis and discussion sessions.

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ffanchiotti 16 September 2020