Consumers and Markets

Coordinator: Professor Link identifier #identifier__27159-1Maria Claudia Lucchetti

The department offers a doctorate in Consumers and Markets.

The course aims to train highly qualified figures in research activities for public and private entities, capable of designing and conducting pure and applied research programmes, favouring a multidisciplinary approach, in law and techniques of economics as well as market analysis and management.
The core of the project assembles various Scientific Disciplinary Sectors, such as those belonging to economic sciences, in addition to Economic Law, bound by a logic of strict cultural coherence and the unity and specificity of the topic. Contents in the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors and different subject areas, including Law, Finance, Mathematics, are aimed at providing scholars with substantial knowledge of various phenomena, in addition to various critical data and issue analysis methods. The doctorate is articulated in curricula that organize and impart essential skills for highly specialized scientific and professional training.
The objective is, therefore, a complete and effective training in the field of the analysis and handling of emerging issues relating to economics and markets at national, transactional and international levels.
The course is divided into the following curricula:

  • Economics and consumer law
  • Finance, markets and regulation
  • Corporate governance and management
  • Quality, innovation and sustainability

Training activities

  • General training activities, aimed at providing doctoral students with scientific research skills, techniques and methods, and the basic knowledge for pursuing the objectives of the course.
  • Specific training activities aimed at providing or completing the knowledge and skills of doctoral students, in relation to the relevant curriculum.
  • Training activities chosen by the student, with the approval of the teaching staff of the course, who verify their consistency with the individual student’s educational path and thesis project.
  • Other training activities, with the participation or compulsory attendance of doctoral students.
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