Since many years the debate on "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) and "Sustainable Development" (SD) takes centre stage for companies, institutions, consumers, labor unions, and NGOs, which consider corporations as pro-active agents for the pursuit of sustainable development intended as an enhancement of the of social, environmental and economic well-being. Recently, Agenda 2030 promoted 17 goals to achieve globally the Sustainable Development. There is the need to prepare the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs to make the difference, becoming pro-active actors for changement.
The course examines principles, models, and tools concerning business ethics and sustainable development. The contents, refer also to the Agenda 2030 and are proposed through a triple approach that integrates three different perspectives: legal (Prof. Carbone), economic (Prof. De Muro) and managerial (Prof.ssa Renzi). The course aims to promote among the students the awareness about ethical issues and the ability to recognize and adopt sustainable and ethical behaviour in carrying out the managerial practices.


Mutuazione: 21210105-1 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY in Economia e Management LM-77 Limata Plinio